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Contact & Visiting Hours

Dr. med. Edit Theil
Internal Specialist, Hematologist and Oncologist

Rathausplatz 4
85399 Hallbergmoos

Phone 0811 / 9987767-0
Fax 0811 / 9987767-30


Opening Hours

We are using a consequent appointment system in order to assure a waiting time that is as short as possible for our patients. Therefore, please ask for an appointment as early as possible.

In acute cases we of course make all efforts to grant a timely appointment but even in this case please call for an appointment as early as possible.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8am - 1215pm 8am - 1215pm 8am - 1215pm 8am - 1215pm 8am - 12pm
- 4pm - 6pm - 4pm - 6pm -

Appointments can also be made by arrangement.

Outside of these opening hours and in case of emergency, you can reach our practice under the
emergency phone number 0811 /9987767-77 between 8am and 6pm (on Mon, Wed and Fri between 8am and 1pm).

Outside of these times, please call the medical on-call duty under 116 117.

Postponed Appointments

Due to the handling of emergency cases it can sometimes happen that a previously agreed appointment has to be postponed. For this we hope we can count on your understanding. Likewise, if you are unable to make apreviously agreed appointment, we ask that you please call us as soon as possible so that we are able to reassign it.

To avoid Misunderstandings

Considering that our patients are invited at different times throughout the whole day for various examinations and treatments (e.g. 24-hour-ECG, 24-hour blood pressure measurement, vaccinations, infusions, blood test) it can often happen that thepatients aren't called in by order of appearance.

Patients who have a previously agreed appointment will always be treated before patients without one.