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COVID - information

Mandatory use of face mask

Based on the decision of the Bavarian State Cabinet, starting on the 18.01.2021 the use of FFP2 masks is mandatory in the practice!

COVID - vaccination

As of late the vaccination of the german citizens has started.  Since we lack technical requirements we are unable to provide the COVID-vaccine. The COVID-vaccine can be aquired at the respensible vaccination centers. For further information, you can visit these sites (only in german):   

COVID - tests

RT-PCR tests will furthermore be provided at the responsible test centers. For more information visit these site (only in german):   

Free rapid tests are possible also in our practice. Please contact the staff.

The practice team


Flu shot 2020/2021

The actual flu shot from season 2020/21 is immediately available. The vaccination serve to prevent the influenza pneumonia!

For next information please contact us. Please bring your vaccination card.


Covid19 pandemic

Safety precautions

Dear Patients!

We ask for the compliance with following safety precautions!

In the practice it is essential:  
    - mandatory face mask
    - hand disinfection on the entrance
    - distance of 2 m

Please report if any of the following apply:
    - infection or contagiousness    
    - flu-like symptoms  
    - diarrhea
    - itching

We ask you to strictly follow these precautions, since an infection will lead to the closing of the practice for several weeks.

Thank you!
The practice team