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If you suppose, that you are infected with the Corona-Virus (SARS-CoV-2), please call 116 117!



Dear Patients!

Based on the current infection danger we ask you to follow these safety precautions:
    - no Handshakes
    - please cough/sneeze into the crook of your arm (not your Hands)
    - wash your hands frequently with water and soap or with alcoholic gel
    - at least 1m distance from the medical staff

Please notify the reception if any of the following apply:
    - flu-like symptoms or diarrhea
    - itching
    - stay in risk area during the past weeks
    - contact with persons who stayed in risk area

Urgent request!

If you suppose, that you are infected, please call 116 117!

We ask you to strictly follow these precautions, since an infection will lead to the closing of the practice for several weeks.

Thank you
The practice team


Important informations about vaccination

Is your immunisation up-to-date?

Vaccination is one of the most important medical preventative measure. Immunisation protects not only the vaccinated person. With a high immunization coverage eliminates also pathogenic organism regional and finally worldwide.

Vaccinations are the most effective primary prophylaxis, what we have.

Therefor is a periodical check of your vaccination status very important. You have the possibility in our practice to update your vaccination status.

Standard vaccinations will be payed by the statutory health insurance.
Even travel vaccinations will be compensated by the majority of health insurances.

Soon we have spring and the ticks will be active again. Protect you against tick-borne encephalitis with vaccination.

We check your vaccination pass and would perform the necessary vaccinations prompt. Contact us!

You find more informations e.g. on: vaccinations guide