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Oncology in our internal medical and general practice in Hallbergmoos

Ambulant Tretment

As part of our oncology centre we are examining and handling tumor and blood system diseases.

Being diagnosed with "cancer" makes many patients think "The end of the line". However, thanks to achievements in the last decade, modern medicine now offers many cancer patients a normal life. This is only possible however, with continuous medical guidance and control.

This is where we would like to support our patients and offer them the best medical treatment possible. We can offer help and relief: we would like to create an environment which is as pleasant as possible and puts you at ease, to recognize and understand the needs of our patients and too handle their disease professionally.

Please feel free to ask your questions! We are always there to assist you.


Checkup 35

Basic medical screening (Checkup 35) is to be performed every 2nd year over an age of 35. Amongst other things, it includes a complete body checkup, the measurement of the cholesterol and blood sugar levels and a urine examination. It’s possible to perform further examinations if needed. The blood test has to be done on an empty stomach – please don’t eat or drink beforehand ( state here how many hours before).

Cancer screening

For men it is recommended to execute cancer screening each year after the age of 45. It contains the manual examination of the rectum and the prostate. If deemed necessary, additional searches for blood hidden within defecation.

The female cancer screening is carried out by the gynecologist.