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Internal Medicine at our internal medical and general practice in Hallbergmoos

Internal medicine is an extremely important and central area of medicine. We focus primarily on the structure and function of the different organs of the human body. Internal medicine is a key part of many medical specialties.

Being an internal specialist we are engaged in handling and curing the diseases of body parts and organs, most importantly we strive to succeed in the prevention and early detection of such conditions.

Our focus areas:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Lungs, respiration
  • Kidney, urinary passages
  • Digestion (stomach)
  • Blood, blood forming organs
  • Vasculature
  • Metabolism, hormone system
  • Bones, cellular connective tissue

Internal specialist and GP

As an internal specialist and GP I take over the control and coordination of these areas. In some cases it may be necessary to reassign the patient to another internal specialist with a special focus on the given area.